Confederation of Independent Systems

:checkered_flag: Confederation of Independent Systems

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We are the minds of 11 Independent Systems of Cyberspace: Bitcoiners, Bitshareans, Shibes, Bytecoiners, Dashes, Ethereans, Nemsters, Nexters, Ripplers, Stellarians and Safers inspired by A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace and the Knowledge given us by Satoshi Nakomoto, today, 6 of June 2015, declare our Confederation for piece, for good, for better.

Guided by the Golden Rule we declare our essential rights:

  1. Everything have the right to be or not to be;
  2. Everything have the right to sense, calculate, store and transmit data or matter;
  3. Everything have the right to do everything privately or publicly;
  4. Spacetime is a public good until proven otherwise;
  5. Property ownership shall be obtained by reaching a decentralized consensus.

All rights derived from essential as the following: the right for a Private Key, the right for a Public Key, the right to transact, the right to build a reputation and other derived rights are integral part of nature until proven otherwise.

In Math We Trust

Cyberspace, 1433609025 Linux Time.